The Homemade Way to Clean the Refrigerator

I spent 45 minutes yesterday completing a task I had been ignoring: cleaning out the fridge. In my fantasy world, this chore would be completed on a monthly basis.  In reality, I probably get to it once every two or three months. Now that Evie is old enough to help herself to certain things in the refrigerator, I find myself mopping up little spills off shelves once a day.  It was time for a good scrub!

Fortunately, my homemade solution for cleaning out the most relied upon household appliance is easy and safe.  I mix of 4 oz vinegar, 24 oz water and a dash of dishsoap in a spray bottle – its costs next to nothing, gets the job done and has no harsh fumes.  In fact, this is the same solution I use to clean the floors! I love when homemade products work a double shift!

1. Turn off the fridge and remove EVERYTHING.

2. Remove shelves and drawers.  Wash in the sink using dishsoap and a sponge.  Lean against the wall to air dry while the rest of the fridge is cleaned out.

3. Spray interior of the fridge with the homemade vinegar solution.  Working from the top down and using a damp rag or sponge, wipe out the interior of the fridge.  This solution does a particularly nice job breaking up bits of dried on gunk, like this lovely mix of soy sauce and sesame oil:

4. Towel dry the interior of the fridge.

5. Put shelves and drawers back in the fridge.

6. As you put all the food back in the fridge, be sure to wipe off the bottom of everything.  This removes any condensation that has built up while the food waited on the countertop, but, more importantly, it gets rid of any stuff that made the fridge a mess in the first place!

7. Try not to admire your sparkling and well organized refrigerator – you’ll waste energy if you leave the door open for too long!


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  1. Steph says:

    Very nice!! You go girl.

  2. ali says:

    i love the pic of the spill! And i totally understand the urge to admire the shiny clean fridge too!

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