Homemade Baby Food on a Rainy Day

We live near a great produce market called Stanley’s. I always find a really nice selection of organic produce at conventional produce prices. Organic apples for $1.29/pound, organic strawberries for $0.98/package, organic zucchini for $0.69/pound…it doesn’t get much better than that!

With all the reasonably priced organic produce at Stanley’s its easy for me to make healthy homemade baby food and enjoy tremendous savings over the factory-made stuff. I wrote about the many benefits of homemade baby food last month. I can’t think of an easier way to show my love for my daughter!

Today while the rain poured and Evelyn napped, I whipped up two quick batches of homemade baby food. Organic apples and plums look rosey and bright — I couldn’t help but enjoy a few spoonfuls myself! Organic pears – with the skin still on — provide texture and fiber to round out a meal. Last night I poached an organic chicken breast and then blended it with leftover rice and green beans from my dinner. This makes for a healthy and tasty “main course” that I’ll heat up for Evie. When she wakes up she’ll have a homemade lunch!

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