Happy Birthday to Me!

I recently celebrated my birthday.


Where does the time go??  I swear, even though I look like a mom to three kids, I am still a cool college kid who knows about all the cool stuff out there!  Right? Right??

My birthday has become a bit of side note to me, but because Evie, Mack and Vivian are still little, birthdays are a still HUGE deal for them.  They love going to birthday parties, they love counting down to birthdays, they love birthday presents.  If it wasn’t for their infectious enthusiasm, my day might have passed unnoticed!

My mom was with the kids the day before my birthday, and she so sweetly took them to Target to shop for some decorations and little presents.  Glittery cardboard crowns, crepe paper streamers (Evie picked pink, Mack chose blue, of course), a HAPPY BIRTHDAY banner to hang above the window.  She tucked the surprises into the back of the car so I didn’t see.  The kids remembered, though, and with Chris’ help they decorated the house while I pretended not to notice.  It was all so cute and I could easily see how happy they must have been to pick it all out.

Perhaps the best surprises were the little presents they gave me (with my mom’s kind monetary donation!).  They all chose costume jewelery that perfectly fit their personalities.  Mack found a heavy, chunky, sparkly, blue necklace that might be able to double as some sort of weapon in a ninja kung-fu contest.

Vivian found a bracelet with lots of shimmery little bangles attached to it.

And, my sweet Evelyn gifted me with a dainty silver plated necklace with pink and purple crystal hearts. Three hearts for my three littles.  I may have #4 on the way, but for right now this necklace so perfectly sums up what matters most in my life (I just need to add one really big heart for Chris).

In my experience, having kids makes the years go by dangerously fast.  I am so preoccupied with watching and nurturing their growth that I don’t realize I am growing, too.  To think of all that has changed since Evie first joined our family nearly six years ago…and to think that I have changed so much in that time…well, it is more than I can put into words.

It is life.

And it is incredible!


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    Happy Birthday Maureen!

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