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I am always looking for ways to teach my kids about gratitude.  We are so fortunate and blessed, and I don’t want them to take anything for granted.  But, sometimes it can be hard to highlight the importance of gratitude to small kids when when I am consumed by the busyness of every day.

So, in an effort to A) teach Evelyn and Mack about gratitude, B) include them in dinner time conversation and C) keep them seated for the entire meal, I started a family gratitude journal.  Every night while we share a homemade dinner together we each take a turn writing what we are grateful for from the day.  It has become one of my most favorite parts of every day.

Most nights Evelyn declares gratitude for cartoons and her grandparents, and I dutifully write down her comments.  But, as the Gratitude Journal became a regular part of our dinner routine she started to branch out a bit more.  She’s now grateful for her friends and trips to the Children’s Museum and chocolate.  She gets it, which was the whole reason we started it.  I can’t wait to hear what Mack is grateful for once he learns to say more than just “hot”, “Mamamama,” and “Da”.

When I started this nightly ritual, I didn’t want the Gratitude Journal to be stressful or annoying.  We don’t have to be grateful for “big” things – sometimes I’m grateful for sharing a simple cup of homemade chai tea with Evelyn or a sloppy kiss from Mack or Chris cleaning up the toys.  Other days I am more thoughtful about bigger blessings like a wonderful parents or a warm bed to sleep in every night.  And, I don’t worry when a day or two passes without an entry. It is supposed to a peaceful and pleasant part of our day.

A few months ago I also started writing down what was being served for dinner that night.  Should be fun to relive our family menus many years from now as we look back upon these simple days.

What are you grateful for today…right now, at this very moment??

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  1. Laura says:

    I love this idea!! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Courtney says:

    Sweet idea! I wonder if my boys (all three of them) would be up for this…sometimes I feel like there’s so much testosterone in this house and I’d love to have more sweet moments like this.

  3. jennifer says:

    I just finished reading “One Thousand Gifts” by Ann Voskamp. Wonderful book about recognizing and recording the everyday gifts. The author was challenged by a friend to record 1000 gifts, and after 1000, she couldn’t stop! She became addicted to the recording….isn’t that a blessing! Really makes you think about all that we’ve been blessed with. I started my journal of One Thousand Gifts just yesterday. I am noticing the smallest but most wonderful things!

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