Granmary’s Potato Chip Cookies

The other day when I drove out to my hometown to drop the car off for repairs at the most honest dealer I know, the kids and I spent some time with my mom.  She was so nice to watch Evie and Mack while Vivian and I dealt with the car issues. I can absolutely imagine the horror it would have been if they came along.  Three hours in the waiting room with nothing other than Fox News on the TV and six-month-old magazines on the tables.  ***Shudder***

Spending some time with my mom was the best part of that ridiculously expensive day.  She has a way of making me feel comforted and comfortable regardless of outside stresses.  The only place I am ever able to truly relax is at my parents’ house.  My mom knows how to keep the kids (and me!) entertained, loved and well-fed.

After returning from the dealership, my mom offered me a Potato Chip Cookie.  Sweet and salty and savory – these cookies were the perfect treat after a frustrating day.  My mom packed up the extras for me to enjoy the next day, and I am slightly embarrassed to admit that I ate a few of them for breakfast!

Granmary’s Potato Chip Cookies

1 lb butter, softened
1 C sugar
1 t vanilla
3 1/4 C flour
3 1/2 ounces crushed potato chips (my mom uses BeerChips brand)
1 4 oz bar dark chocolate, chopped (my mom uses Ghirardelli 72%)

Blend butter and sugar. Add vanilla and flour. Fold in potato chips and chocolate. Bake at 350 on ungreased cookie sheet for 15-20 minutes, removing pan from oven 1/2 way through and slapping on flat surface to release air from cookies, and lightly browned. If baking 1 1/2 in dia raw cookie dough round, this recipe will make at least 4 dozen.

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  1. Paige says:

    Yum. Sounds good. Going on my to make list. I just made caramel apple cookies today. They are a hit! You have to try them! Look on my recipe blog.

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