What’s Gonna Work? Teamwork!

A few weeks ago, Evie had her friend Bella over for a play date after school.  The girls came through the front door giggling and marched right upstairs to the bedroom where Vivian had just awoken from her nap.  After a couple minutes, I went up to retrieve Sleeping Beauty, only to find that she had gotten out of her crib!  The 5-year olds were very proud: they took Vivian out!  And they dressed her up in fancy clothes!

I was mystified.  How had two kindergarteners gotten a 25+ pound dumpling out of her crib?!

Evie has since rescued Vivian from her crib several times.  It’s actually kinda nice – the kids will play a little longer in the toy room before I have to get out of bed and start the day.  Plus, it is so easy to see on Vivian’s face how much she loves this new development.  Intrigued, I finally watched how Evie does it:

Evie drags Mack’s nightstand to the crib.

She climbs in to join her sister.

She lifts up Vivian, puts her over the side rail and places her on the waiting nightstand.  Mack is eager to help.

Vivian waits on the nightstand for Evie to hop over the rail.  Once both girls are back over, Evie gently lifts Vivian off the nightstand and onto the floor.

Now that’s some teamwork!



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