Fruitflies: Trapped!

Ahhh the blissful joys of summer. Lazy days on the beach. Long evening walks. Splashing at the neighborhood pool.

And…fruit flies!

These swarmy little buggers invaded my kitchen the other day, and ever since I’ve been on a mission to eradicate every last teeny one. I know they don’t hurt and the damage they leave behind is minimal, but I just do not like them.

Because I am a homemade mother, I am not interested in fumigating my house or spraying toxic insecticide into the air. After I moved all fruit from the counter to the fridge, here’s my happy homemade solution:

Take a small bowl. Fill halfway with apple cider vinegar. Cover with plastic wrap. Use the tip of a pencil to poke holes into plastic. Leave on the counter.

The little f-ers smell the sweet vinegar, fly in, and never fly out again! I set out my trap last night, and 10 of them were floating belly up by morning. Throughout the day the tiny troublemakers keep piling in – they’ll be dunzo by nightfall!

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