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While were on the tiny Mexican island of Isla Mujeres last month I was a big fan of all the fresh local foods. Super creamy avocados, bright orange mangoes, and coconut water poured straight from a sun-warmed coconut – every bite was such a treat.  I am excited for the return of Chicago’s farmers’ markets so I can effortlessly enjoy tasty local foods again here at home.

My dad has always been a believer in simple preparations of local foods, and he made no exception on this trip.  He woke up early one morning to spearfish with some local fishermen, and when he returned he treated us all to a beach lunch with his catch of snapper and triggerfish.  It was my favorite meal from the trip!

In hopes of someday recreating that casual island meal, I asked my dad for some tips on freshly preparing fresh fish:

1. Buy the freshest fish you can find. If you aren’t on a tiny Mexican island, then cozy up to your neighborhood fishmonger and perhaps you’ll get a heads up on a super fresh incoming shipment.

2. Brush fish fillet with olive oil.

3. Generously sprinkle with salt and pepper.

4. Grill over a hot fire for a few minutes.  Flip. Grill for a few more minutes – until fish is no longer translucent.

5. Remove from grill and squeeze a couple limes wedges on top. Lime is such a nice departure from the usual lemon wedge!

6. Enjoy!

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