Four New Dresses for the Price of Two

When I was growing up I spent several Saturday afternoons with my mom’s creative sister Sheila. She was always quite crafty and fun and generous with her time, and one of my favorite activities to do with Sheila was sewing. She patiently readied her sewing machine to help me create dolls with little outfits to match. I always felt so lucky to have those Saturdays with my Aunt Sheila.

Ever since, I have been so envious of women who possess the talent to sew. What a charming way to pass the time! This summer while shopping sidewalk sales with my mom I was immediately drawn to the dozens of cheerful dresses in the The VerAli’s Reversibles booth. As I spoke to the friendly woman working there I learned that she had sewn all of them. The colors were so bright and the patterns were so sweetly simple – I wish I could make such lovely dresses for my little girl. I bought two for Evelyn, but since they are reversible I really added four new dresses to her wardrobe. Timeless in appearance and ease, I imagine her daughter wearing them someday, too.
The dresses were super cute and easy during the warm summer months, and layered with leggings and a shirt they work well in cooler weather. Things like this make me so happy to have a little girl.

If you’d like to treat a little lady in your life to one of these absolutely adorable reversible dresses check out A great gift for the upcoming holidays or a special birthday celebration.

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