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I swear, sometimes these kids are going to send me to the looney bin.  Aside from the constant messes and spills, they tend to take things and misplace them.  This happens a lot.  Like, ALL THE TIME.

Case in point: yesterday the can opener went missing.  I have no idea where it is.  To open a can of coconut milk for this morning’s strawberry lassi I used a bottle opener.  All was well.

Until I went to grab the bottle opener this evening, only to find it missing.  Where is it???  No one knows.

I needed to open a bottle of beer to make a batch of homemade beer cheese dip for a 4th of July party.  I turned the house upside down looking for the tool I needed, but no luck.  Both tools are gone, probably buried in a toy bin or sneakily hidden in the trash can.

So, I came up with a rather crafty way to open the beer bottle.  I stuck a tine of a fork under the cap’s grooves, and slowly went around the cap, easing it up.  By the time I made it all the way around the bottle cap (about 15 seconds), it easily slipped off.

Pretty cool party trick!

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  1. Kelly says:

    In a pinch, you can do the same thing with a key! Hopefully not a car key…

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