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Last week I had to travel out of town for a couple days (just one night). I really don’t like leaving my family on the ground while I sail 30,000 feet above, but I know they were in good hands with Chris, our sweet babysitter Nataliya and my wonderfully generous mom.  I am so lucky to have such tremendous support!

While I was in the air, I couldn’t stop the thought from creeping in: what if we crashed? What if I died? How would my four precious babies carry on without their mother to protect and love them? Of course they would survive, and in time they would heal, but I believe so strongly that no one could do the job of raising them with as much passion and devotion as I do.  There’s just something so unique about the love a mother has for her children.

Then my thoughts turned to empowerHER, a non-profit organization I featured last year. empowerHER exists for young girls who have experienced the early loss of their mother. By creating memorable and supportive experiences for these girls, empowerHER instills confidence and reduces isolation through a community of sisterhood. Events for these special girls might involve a spa day, back-to-school shopping, or outings on Mother’s Day – the kinds of memories they would have made with their mothers. If something happens to me, I’d want an organization like empowerHER looking out for my girls.

empowerHER is an entirely volunteer-driven organization, and all programs and activities are offered at no charge to these young girls or their families.  This non-profit relies entirely on donations, and I’d imagine that raising those funds takes considerable time and energy. I want to do something to help the volunteers and the young girls they serve. So, here’s a giveaway – with a catch…

I have two sturdy, roomy, truly lovely canvas bags to send to two lucky Homemade Mothering readers. Perfect for the beach or pool, great as a diaper bag or a tote to carry library books or groceries home, this bag will definitely be mom’s favorite.

To enter for your chance at winning one of these super deluxe bags, simply visit http://www.empoweringher.org/give.html and make a donation in ANY amount (every dollar counts). Once you do that, simply leave a comment here letting me know.

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  1. Mary Smithe says:

    Thank you for sharing!

  2. Laura says:

    Finally got around to doing this – such an awesome idea and a great organization!

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