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Mack recently celebrated his 4th birthday, and with the arrival of Baby Ben my friend Amy (took pity on me and) generously offered to host a joint birthday party for her son and Mack at her home.  She shares my sensibilities when it comes to kids parties: keep it fun, low-key and offer booze to the parents.

Amy really did all the hard work for the party.  She arranged for a magician/crazy balloon guy to come and entertain the kids. She ordered pizza.  She no doubt had a cleaning crew come through the house after the mob left.  I am so grateful.

But, because Mack is my boy I still wanted to contribute to the festivities.  So, Mack and I baked and frosted a few dozen cupcakes.  And, we also offered to bring the goodie bags.  Like most kids, Evie and Mack looooove getting a special treat at the end of a party.  A little plastic bag filled with little plastic goodies.  Of course it is exciting for kids!

However, like most parents, I end up secretly tossing the little plastic crap once the kids go to bed. The last thing I need in my house is more clutter, and the last thing our planet needs is more plastic crap buried in a landfill.  So, for Mack’s party I opted to brainwash offer the kids something a little different.

I ordered small shovels ($2/each) and pretty wildflower seed packets ($0.50/each).

Mack and I tied two packets to each shovel with twine.

And, there you have it: an eco-friendly birthday favor that keeps kids entertained and trash out of the landfill.  Amy’s oldest daughter adorably handed the favors to the partygoers as they left, and I didn’t hear any complaints from the little people about a lack of plastic crap.

Here’s where I bought the seeds:

And the shovels:

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  1. Sarah Trulley says:

    Great idea! Connor’s birthday is the wrong time of year for gardening, but I think I’ll copy this anyway if you don’t mind. They can be snow shovels until we’re ready to plant.

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