Easy As Pie

Tuesday mornings are special time for Mack and me. Evie is in school, so my boy and I have a few hours together just the two of us.  I am amazed by how much calmer his personality is when he’s not fighting with Evie for attention – or toys. He sheds some of his boyish toughness and becomes a true delight.

We normally go to swimming lessons on Tuesdays, but today the pool was unexpectedly closed for repairs.  So, after a few minutes at the playground I thought it would be fun to visit the library.  But, it was closed until noon!  At a loss for what to do with my little man – and with nearly two hours to fill before we had to pick up Evie – I looked across the street and saw a humble and quaint pie shop beckoning us in. An empty table tucked into the shop’s only window seemed like the perfect spot to pass some time with my little man.

As soon as we entered Hoosier Mama Pie Company the wonderful aroma from freshly baked sweet and savory pies welcomed us.  A Dolly Parton song hummed in the background, and a friendly baker greeted us as if we were regulars.  A sign by the register proved  that this was my kind of place – everything is made from scratch.

Sometimes the days that start out on the wrong foot end up exactly right.  Mack and I were disappointed to miss swimming, but something tells me I’ll forever remember the sunshiny twist our chilly morning took.  Mack’s happiness at nibbling a dried cherry scone in a warm sunlit booth…the little butterfly kisses he planted on my cheeks…his insistence at holding the big glass of water all by himself!…his wide eyes as he scanned the case of delicious pies.  I am so grateful for today.

Of course I couldn’t resist picking up a small pie for dessert tonight.  Mack helped me choose the Fat Elvis – peanut butter, chocolate, bananas and a pretzle crust.  I may or may not have snuck a few bites already…and it is pretty darn delicious!

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  1. suzanne says:

    Oh my gosh, you tried the fat elvis! I live dangerously close to HMPC, and try very hard to only go when 1) out of town guests are here, 2) my dad demands a chocolate cream pie, and 3) i can’t resist another day without one of their scones. I have never tried the fat elvis, but it sounds sooo amazing. I am sure that it is, since I have never been let down by a pie there. I am glad you found my favorite neighborhood gem. 🙂

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