A Day to Remember

For my family, Memorial Day is always an easy day to remember.  It is my mom’s birthday, and her father was also born on May 30.  As a Marine, he was obviously quite attached to the meaning of the day, and I remember my mom telling us about the big neighborhood parties her dad hosted in honor of their birthdays and the big holiday.  I never knew him, but I imagine that he was a fun-loving and jovial fellow, and I’d bet his annual Memorial Day celebration was his way of showing gratitude for the many blessings in his life.

After a bit of soul searching, Chris and I came to a realization: we should spend Memorial Day how we would want others to spend it if we were to die protecting our country, and so we agreed that our tradition will be to spend it together as a family. It is a day to hug our kids and kiss each other and and take a moment to feel grateful for that moment.

So for Memorial Day this year Chris and I took the kids up to an old-fashioned family resort in Wisconsin.  While it wasn’t the big party my grandfather would have appreciated, it was our quiet way of recognizing a special day.  As a veteran, Chris has a personal appreciation for the sacrifices others made to keep America free. As the wife of a veteran, I am extra grateful just to have Chris here, creating and supporting the family of my dreams. Our little trip up north as a family of six was a small way for us to honor so many brave and beautiful American men and women.

As we drove home from our mini family vacation, I asked Evie to lead our family in a Memorial Day prayer. She said thank you to God for the soldiers who protect us and for the soldiers who died doing so.  I also asked that we pray for the families of the fallen.  For them, Memorial Day means much more than a parade and a sale on mattresses.  Memorial Day is another day for them to think about and miss their loved ones.

Memorial Day is a day to remember.

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