Cranberry-Spinach-Mango Green Drink

Now that little Ben is seven months old, we are introducing him to big people food. As far as pureed foods go, he loves bananas, blueberries with oatmeal, and mango. However, just like his big brother did, Ben much prefers real food that hasn’t been smooshed up. So, I dutifully feed him little bits of chicken and broccoli and eggs (he’s too young to feed himself).

Yesterday – like I do every day – I made myself a fruit and veggie drink in our VitaMix blender.  As I poured some into glasses for me and Vivian, Ben looked on longingly.  Of course I had to share with the little man!

He loved it!!  If I took a break from feeding him (to feed his brother and sisters, thankyouverymuch!) he would screech and whine!  My little healthy eater.

This recipe is really just a riff on my most favorite green drink.  The addition of cranberries and celery add a new flavor dimension that we all love. Plus, cranberries are a totally forgotten super food. They are loaded with Vitamin C, and they have more disease-fighting antioxidants than just about every fruit and veggie. And, the ginger and tumeric are ingredients with well-documented anti-inflammatory properties. I feel better after enjoy a glass or two.

Ben and I weren’t the only ones to practically inhale this oddly hued drink – Vivian eschewed homemade pancakes and maple syrup in favor of it!

Cranberry-Spinach-Mango Green Drink

1/2 cup fresh squeezed orange juice

1 cup frozen mango

2-3 good handfuls of baby spinach leaves

1″ piece fresh ginger, peeled

1 small piece fresh tumeric, peeled

1/2 cup fresh cranberries

2 stalks celery

1 cup water

Put all ingredients into a blender and whir until smooth.  Pour into glasses and serve. Yum!

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