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Ever since ordering our Christmas cards from last year I occasionally browse through the site. When I saw the classroom Valentine’s pop up, I was immediately intrigued. Normally I ask the kids to create their own Valentines, but this year I thought it would be fun for them to design on-line. Plus, these photo cards will be fun to send to the grandparents and great-grandparents!

Evie and Vivian *loved* browsing’s wide selection of photo Valentine cards. The site was easy enough for a 7 year old to navigate – she quickly uploaded photos and picked the perfect design. Evie then helped Vivian look through the cards – of course Vivian wanted “pink!” and “hearts!” so Evie sorted the large selection with a single click and then scrolled through all the girl themed Valentines.

Mack and Ben were less eager than their sisters to shop the site, so I did the shopping for them. Most of the designs were gender neutral, but even some of the ones geared towards a specific gender could be done for anyone with just a quick click. Ben’s robot card with a blue heart is also available with a pink heart – pretty cool for the girls who dig robots or the boys who dig pink hearts.

I ordered the cards Sunday, and they are already in transit, giving us plenty of time for the kids to write the names of their friends on the envelopes. I think I’ll ask them to decorate the envelopes, just so we have a homemade touch!

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