A Christmas Afternoon

This afternoon was such a lovely surprise.  After a hectic lunch hour filled with sibling rivalry the likes of which I see all too often, I wasn’t expecting a peaceful remainder of the day.  But, some Christmas cheer rescued the day and I now have some of my most favorite memories from 2012.

Today’s holiday activity in our Advent calendar instructed us to make a batch of Christmas cookies.  We went shopping to buy the ingredients, and surprisingly both kids were very well behaved in the grocery store.  They were very eager to help find marshmallows and cornflakes for the Cornflake Wreathes, my favorite Christmas cookie.

Once the cookies were done, the kids worked on a snowman craft project.  Evie very diligently worked on hers…

…while Mack very diligently sprinkled the pieces all over the floor.

And sweet Vivian observed from her high chair while snacking on bits of cheese and Cheerios.

Lights on our tree and garland twinkled against the dim afternoon light.  We listened to a Christmas music station on Pandora.  Time slowed down a bit when U2’s “I Believe in Father Christmas” played and Mack and Vivian snuggled on my lap.  I wanted to bottle the moment. Forever.

To make this Christmasy afternoon even better, we witnessed a few brief moments of snow sprinkles.  Evie and Mack bounded to the balcony to catch a few on their tongues.

And, they were delighted to have some cookies as a sweet afternoon snack. Evie asked me to take a picture of her eating one so Dad could see.

Evie and Mack brought some cookies out to the mail man when he pulled up.  They were so proud and happy to share the joys of the season, so we packed up some more for our neighbors. We’ll deliver them tomorrow, giving us something to do on another blustery December afternoon.

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  1. Love your blog and your photographs are great!

  2. April says:

    What a precious afternoon. I just love your ideas and you are such an inspiration to keep on with my own “homemade mother” journey. Thanks.

  3. Mary says:

    I am longing for an afternoon like that!

  4. Theresa says:

    Love the snowman craft! I’m always looking for ideas to keep Emma busy and this will be great for her. The cookies look yummy & easy to!

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