Carton Recycling in the Windy City

Good news!

I just received word that the city of Chicago is now encouraging residents to recycle cartons, including those half gallon containers of milk, soup, juice and cream. The fiber in cartons is actually in very high demand and is used to create other paper products like tissues and paper towels. Recycling cartons is the best way to convert this valuable resource into another product rather than throw it in the landfill. Yay for Mother Nature!

To find out if carton recycling is available in your community, visit Nearly 60 million U.S. households can now recycle cartons, so odds are good that yours is one!

The Carton Council has asked me to help spread the good word, and I hope you will join us. To start this education campaign and encourage carton recycling in your community, use the hashtag #CartonLivesOn. I’ll be part of a Twitter chat on Thursday, October 9 at 1pm ET to discuss the campaign and ways we can increase recycling. Use the hashtag #CartonLivesOn at this time to join the conversation.

Together, we can start a movement of people dedicated to recycling – and being kind to the only earth we’ve got. Please join me!

Every Carton Has A Future. Don’t Throw It Away. Recycle Today!

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