Books to the Rescue!

A big stash of books that are new to us!

Saturday. Or is it Wednesday? Does it even matter? Who knows?!

Now in our umpteenth week of quarantine, the days are blurring together. Weekends don’t really feel special anymore, except for the fact that I don’t have to constantly herd the kids back to the dining table to finish their eLearning.

To be honest, I have moments of complete sadness and total despair. I don’t generally welcome big changes into my life, and with Covid the changes came fast and furious. Even though I’ve always liked being home and I love my family, I struggle with the loss of our familiar routines and I miss the friendly faces that make this city home.

Today while I was cleaning the girls’ bedroom I took a break to check Facebook. The first thing to pop up was a listing in the local moms group offering a big stash of tween books for free. I immediately claimed the opportunity, and a couple hours later the girls and I were walking to pick them up. Living in the city, we are used to walking everywhere, but no where has been open lately. We’ve missed heading out with a purpose!

Out for a walk!

As soon as we gathered the books and thanked the donor, the girls started sorting. They couldn’t wait to dive in! Even Elinor and Juliet, the three year old twins who don’t know how to read, wanted to lay claim on a few. We paused often on our walk back home so Evelyn and Vivian could turn a page or comment on a storyline.

A perfect spring walk.

Sometimes, I swear, the universe knows just the right moment to send a pick-me-up my way. There I was, facing yet another day with six kids and nothing to do, when this GIFT landed in my lap. I needed to feel connection with a neighbor and the spring breeze on my face and have something new and exciting for my kids.

Pretty in pink.

Thank you, neighbor! Thank you, universe!

Everything is going to be ok.

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