Birthday Fun for 3 and 1!

Vivian and Mack celebrated birthdays this weekend, so last night we hosted what will hopefully be the first of many joint birthday parties for the two. Both are still too young to really care about sharing their special day with a sibling, but like all siblings there is a fair amount of rivalry in our house…

Mack could not have been more thrilled with the entire evening.  His cousins Danny and Trey were there to play with him, Chris made kiddie cocktails and music was blasting.  Oh, and he got a BIG WHEELS!

All the commotion, however, was very distressing for sweet Vivian who had refused her afternoon nap. She could barely keep it together to open a present from Granmary and Captain. She was so grateful when I put her to bed at 6:45 (just when all the fun was starting). Poor little sweet pea.

I come from a very large extended family, but last night we decided to keep it simple with just 23 guests (!!).  It would be close to impossible for me to assemble a homemade meal for that crowd, so we ordered Lou Malnati’s deep dish pizza.  However, I did manage to prepare a giant chopped salad.  It was a healthy addition to the cheesy and decadent Chicago-style pizzas!

Giant Greek Chopped Salad (serves 20)

2 heads romaine lettuce

5 cubanelle peppers

6 tomatoes

3 hothouse cucumbers

2-4 cups prepared chick peas, rinsed

bunch of fresh dill

5 green onions

feta cheese, crumbled

homemade Greek salad dressing (here’s my recipe

Chop all ingredients into small pieces. All pieces should be about the same size (no bigger than 1/2″).

Add dressing right before serving. Toss gently.

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