A Billion Little Kindnesses

So it happened.


Another mass shooting. Innocent lives gone at the whim of a lunatic.

What are we going to do about this?

I don’t know.

Raising small kids in a world where random and horrific violence is now commonplace, I am at a loss. No one teaches us how to talk to our kids about these tragedies. Mine are still young enough that I can shield them from the nightly news, but soon enough they will be old enough to know. And even then I still won’t have a good explanation for why it happens (and why it keeps happening).

So, here is what I am going to do now: I will spread some kindness.

Wouldn’t it be nice if this weekend we all went the extra mile to be kind? Smile at everyone you pass on the sidewalk. Pay for a stranger’s coffee. Drop homemade treats off at the local fire station. Share kindness with the world in memory of the nine innocent victims. Kindness won’t bring them back to their mourning families, but kindness will remind all of us that good still exists.

I pledge this weekend to spread some kindness in memory of the nine lovely souls who left our earth on Wednesday. I will be kind for the Rev. Clementa Pinckney, Tywanza Sanders, Rev. Sharonda Singleton, Cynthia Hurd, Rev. DePayne Middleton-Doctor, Ethel Lance, Susie Jackson, Myra Thompson and Rev. Daniel Simmons Sr. They were good people devoted to family and faith, and the least I can do in their memory is share some love with the world.

Will you take the pledge, too?

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  1. Rebecca says:

    I went to school at the College of Charleston so this hits close to home for me. I too have small children 5, 4, and 1 I worry constantly about the world they will grow up in. My girls and I will definitely pass on some kindness this weekend, I don’t know what will do yet, but I’m sure we can come up with something special.

  2. Susan says:

    Beautiful post. I just wanted to let you know how much your posts inspire me. I have a 16 month old son, and have been reading your blog for a little over a year. Thanks for being such a wonderful mom in the world!!

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