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While reading a recent issue of Green Child Magazine I found an article about an interesting and inspiring woman named Nancy Traversy.  When her first child was born, she was looking for books with beautiful artwork that explored different cultures and didn’t talk down to children.  At a loss to find a collection of books that met her criteria, she started her own book publishing company, Barefoot Books.

Intrigued, I looked into the company a bit more and fell in love with the concept.  Sure enough, all the titles are so interesting and thoughtful – and the pictures are striking, colorful and vibrant.  Evie is deep into the princess stage, so I was thrilled to give her The Real Princess: A Mathemagical Tale because it explores numbers and math while keeping her entranced in a princess story.

And, little Mack seems to really love Who’s In the Forest – a cute little story about all the animals sneaking and creeping in nature.  I can’t tell if he likes the pictures or the gentle rhythm of the words better! I’m just so happy that he is finally interested in books.

I’m looking forward to Christmas when I can give both of them more Barefoot Books.  I’ve already given a few as gifts to my new niece Ava and one to my nephew Trey, but I think they’ll also get a few more for Christmas, too.

I contacted the company to let them know how cool I think they are, and Barefoot Books has generously offered to participate in a GIVEAWAY for readers of Homemade Mothering!  Enter for a chance to win the children’s book of your choice by leaving a comment letting me know which Barefoot Book you would choose. You can browse through the extensive selection here:

To enter, leave your comment by Friday, 9/16 at 11:59 pm.

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  1. Courtney says:

    These look great! I added a few to my amazon wishlist for the boys. I think I’d buy the Knights’ Tales first, because Charlie is starting to get into princes, knights, and sorcerers lately. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Amanda says:

    Wow! These books look fantastic, and there are so many of them. I don’t even know what to pick! I have a toddler boy. I think “We’re Sailing Down the Nile” or “Tales from Celtic Lands” look like a lot of fun.

  3. Paige says:

    As a second child, Emerson often gets the hand me down book, clothing, etc. from Kinsey. A week ago we plopped the kids in the car and went for a family drive in the area. The moon was in then sky and Kinsey kept seeing in. Then she said, “The moon is following me!” Emerson picked up that phrase and for the last week or two she says it maybe 50 times a day. All I hear is, “Moon following me.” and she says it over and over until you acknowledge what she has said. Because she doesn’t get many new “book of her own”, we usually read the ones we have had for Kinsey when she was little. I knew right away when I saw the books for 1-2 year olds that Emerson would LOVE the book titled “I took the moon for a walk.” It’s just perfect for her! Thanks for introducing me to these books, I can see why you loved them!

  4. Jamie Smith says:

    I would choose Kids Kitchen for my 9 year old step son. He loves to cook, and is always imagining new recipes. His father loves to cook and he is following in his footsteps.

  5. Hannah BG says:

    I love Barefoot Books! We’ve been pinching pennies lately, but I have a growing wish list of books for our little guy. :~) Ship Shapes is one of the ones I know is on the list.

  6. Sara says:

    I have been eyeing these books for a while. I would choose the Story Tree. My DD and I have been enjoying reading stories aloud and using our imagination to “see” the story.

  7. Capron says:

    My mom’s been raving about your site and within a week of “discovering” it, I’ve already made vanilla extract and granola! Looking through this list there are some beautiful books. I love that the bear books come in dual language because we’re trying to teach Zach spanish by day with his nanny and english with us. I have to get the My Granny Went to Market for him because that sounds just like my mom – traveling the world and buying everything in sight!.

  8. Alaina says:

    From the photos it looks like the illustrations are really nice. I’ve heard barefoot books are some good ones.

  9. lori says:

    Anything princesses, fairies or fairy tales!

  10. Angel Herrera says:

    I love I Took the Moon for a Walk !! Ethan would love that one!!

  11. Talia B. says:

    My girl loves the moon! I would pick”I took the moon for a walk”

  12. Elle says:

    What a great resource – thanks for sharing! I like the idea of the one about taking the moon for a walk…but I’m a sucker for good books for kids, so I’m sure that there will be many more that I’ll want when my little one comes along!

  13. Rebecca Everett says:

    I would definitely choose Kids Kitchen for my son. He loves to help when I’m cooking and I’m always looking for healthy, kid-friendly recipes! Thanks for introducing me to this website!

  14. Adele says:

    What cool books! I think our boys would love I spy the sun in the sky and We all go traveling by.

  15. Rebecca says:

    I didn’t have much time to look yet, but I’ve bookmarked it to look again when the kids go to bed. 🙂 But I’d have to pick the Barefoot Book of Princesses so I can show my little princess that girls wear pants too, even if there is a dress over it. Winter is coming and I have got to get my little one convinced it is okay to do before the snow starts flying. Do you have any idea how hard it is to see princesses with pants??? Thanks for the link and the chance!

  16. Chrissy says:

    My husband and I love taking our little guy on nature outings and the book Listen, Listen sounds just like a book we would all love! It’s so much fun watching him as he hears a new sound and telling him the names of all the noises we hear. He especially loves when mommy tries to imitate them;)

  17. Molly says:

    These books look fantastic! I would do I could be, you could be, or I took the moon for a walk! Thank you so much for introducing me to this website, and for all your wonderful tips and thoughts! My kiddos are close to yours in age, and I love hearing your sweet outlook on motherhood!

  18. Brooke says:

    The first one we would choose would be “Octopus Opposites” but there are so many that look great!

  19. Jamie says:

    I would love to win this for my 2 year old son. He loves books.

  20. Sara says:

    I Took the Moon for a Walk looks so sweet!

  21. Emily says:

    They look awesome, my boys love trains so I’d have to go with Magic Train.

  22. I would choose Bear on a Bike. It’s my husband’s favorite hobby.

  23. Ashlea says:

    Children of the World!

  24. Apryl Cerkas says:

    My daughter would love I Dreamt I was a Dinosaur. She is soooo into dinosaurs right now!

  25. Suzyfein says:

    I would choose Who’s in the Garden for my 13-month old. Thank you!

  26. asia says:

    🙂 happy reading

  27. Carolyn says:

    These books look great. My kids would love them. So many to choose from. The Animal Boogie would be a fun one.

  28. Amanda says:

    Thanks for introducing me to this great resource! As an aunt who likes to get my nephews and niece educational gifts, I will definitely visit Barefoot Books for some Christmas gifts! I think my nephew would love the African Animals ABC book!

  29. Cindy Ray says:

    Wow such wonderful books 🙂 I think I would have to choose The Barefoot Book of Monsters! I think my son would love that book so much.

    green_eyed_princesss at msn dot com

  30. kristen says:

    I love how multicultural the books are! I really like “A Calendar of Festivals.” Teaching our children about the different beliefs people can have is something very important to my husband and me.

  31. Shawntell says:

    I love these books so much that I decided to join the company! I’m just starting out with my launch on Facebook and I’m offering a 25% discount on all orders! I can also ship the books cheaper than the website. Feel free to e-mail me if you’d like to know more.

    My favorite book so far is “MotherBridge of Love.” It such a sweet book about adoption. It features beautiful illustrations of a caucasion mother and a Chinese girl, with her biological mother always present in spirit and smiling with love. It highlights how they are both important to the little girl.

    I have cried so many times over this book, it’s incredibly touching, and I’m not even adopted!

  32. Gina says:

    Thanks so much for sharing these books! I think The Fearies Gift looks like a wonderful book.

  33. Lara says:

    I love reading to our four kids 7,5,2 & 6 months. They love to read a variety of books.

  34. Karissa says:

    I love childrens books!!! In high school I wrote little stories for my nephew and he LOVED them, now I’m a mother-to-be and can’t wait to read and write stories for my child. 🙂

  35. Laura says:

    My 4.5-year-old son loves flowers and he also loves stories that use a lot of imagination, so I know he will enjoy “The Boy Who Grew Flowers”. The heartwarming element will surely delight him as well 🙂

  36. zenilda thompson says:

    we would love a new book!

  37. Jessica says:

    Anything with animals. My daughter just loves animals and the sounds they make. Thanks for sharing.

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