Barefoot Books for Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching, and like most parents I am busy squirreling away boxes of treats and treasures, crossing my fingers that curious kids don’t stumble upon a secret gift. We follow a WANT.NEED.WEAR.READ mantra with holiday gift-giving: the kids get a gift or two from each of the four categories.  It keeps me focused and within budget when shopping for my precious brood.

Selfishly, I love filling the READ part.  Giving the kids books also gives me something new to read.  I am especially fond of every title we own from Barefoot Books, so this year I spent some time on that site browsing the often-changing selection.  The stories are new and fresh; I appreciate their honest approach to storytelling.

I have no doubt that Evie will shriek when she opens “Lola’s Fandango” because it involves Spanish and dancing, two of her favorite pastimes.  And the fun twists on classic tales in “The Barefoot Book of Fairy Tales” will keep us busy for many nights.

Mack will be too excited to snuggle on the sofa and read the books I chose for him.  “Shrinking Sam” by Miriam Latimer is about a middle child looking for extra attention, something my little guy should understand.  And, I think all the kids will enjoy “The Prince’s Bedtime” at the end of a busy day.

Dear little Vivian deserves a new book, too.  She hasn’t complained about all her hand-me-down books yet, but I know she’ll smile when I read “Baby’s First Book” by Clare Beaton.

I can’t wait for Christmas morning so we can get started with our new books!

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  1. Hannah says:

    Love Barefoot books!

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