Baby Blanket for Baby #2

Last week my grandma, mom, and sisters hosted a special party in honor of my second baby (due two days ago!). As I already have more than I need to take care of a newborn, they decided to invite the ladies of my family to a knitting shower. We all had to knit an 8″x8″ square that will eventually be knit together to create one large baby blanket. Such a cute idea!! Although none of us knew how to knit, the fabulous owners of Chix with Stix had us all knitting in 10 minutes. We each left the party with about half of our square done, and instructions were to finish the square and send to the store by my due date (two days ago!).

I finally finished my square today – *hopefully* just in time for the arrival of little #2. It is far from perfect and I think it looks a little bit like the state of Iowa. I somehow added a few rows so it really isn’t much of a square. And, on more than one occassion little Evelyn took it upon herself to “help” with the project, so there are a few holes and snags. In many ways, my imperfect “square” is a good metaphor for Homemade Mothering. Its all about trying my best, loving my family, and keeping everyone warm and cozy. I’m glad Evelyn invited herself on my lap as I knit. In those quiet moments we were together working on something special for the new baby.

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  1. clsp says:

    That is exactly how I felt as I was knitting with a couple of "small errors" along the way! I thought, you know it doesn't matter if it isn't perfect because who is and you and the baby will know that it was made with lots of love not with perfection! And the fact that we will all recognize and know which square we contributed is extra cool! Hope the arrival of your special bundle #2 is soon! Lots of love! Cindy

  2. velma says:

    such a cute idea! Good luck with the new baby and knitting!

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