Baby Ben in his Baby Deedee


Oh, my sweet lil Ben.

At nearly 11 months old, the little bugger still won’t sleep 12 hours through the night. He goes down around 7 and usually wakes for a big snack around 4:30 am. It used to be much, much worse. ┬áLike, waking up four times a night worse.

What changed? A few things. 1) When he wakes up around 2 am, Chris goes to him, gives him a loud “SHHHHHHH” and then a “Go back to bed, Ben. We love you.” and leaves him. Thankfully, Ben rolls over and falls right back to sleep. 2) I stopped dressing him in fleece jammies because I think he was getting static shocks (no, seriously) – he seems much happier in 100% cotton. 3) We tuck him into a Baby Deedee Sleep Nest every night.

I first heard about Baby Deedee in a mother’s group I belong to on Facebook. Several moms recommended it as a way to keep baby warm during our chilly Chicago winter nights. The quilted duvet material is soft on Ben’s skin, and because the shell is 100% cotton I know he is extra cozy. A sleep sack like Baby Deedee is safer than a loose blanket, and it keeps Ben warmer, too. He is sleeping better in his Baby Deedee Sleep Nest for naps and nighttime!

Plus, the cuddles he gives me in his Baby Deedee are the absolute best. He settles in for his nursing session before bedtime and I know he is so snuggly and happy.

And I am, too.

Sleep tight sweet Baby Ben. I love you!


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  1. Lisa Fox says:

    I feel for you. My first, Tyler, was a HUGE eater, and basically woke up to nurse at least once per night until around a year old, sometimes twice a night. My daughter, Ashlyn, was sleeping through and only nursing at bedtime and morning by 4 months. Each babe has their own needs, as you well know by #4! We LOVED sleep sacks, and used them pretty much from when they were born until my babes were 2 and/or were out of the crib. It’s so hard to keep blankets on. They always slept well, and I think the sleep sacks had a lot to do with it. My stepdaughter had her first baby 4 months ago and he was sleeping through the night with no feedings (like 12 hours sleeping) at a month! So crazy. Glad you found something that works well.

  2. Sokie says:

    We love baby deedee sleep sacks:) It keeps my LO nice and cozy in her room, and it is a part of our BT. It’s super easy to get on and off without waking her up, she sleeps so much better now. love you

  3. Sokie says:

    PS: I also like the fact that she can’t climb out of her crib while wearing the sleep sack. She is nearly 19 months.

  4. Rebecca says:

    I feel your pain…my 15 month old still doesn’t sleep through the night. She seems to be starving and I still wake to nurse her about 3 times a night, it doesn’t help that she is teething! I keep reminding myself, I’ll miss the one on one snuggle time with her when it’s over. There is something really magical about rocking and nursing a baby in a dark and quiet house!

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