A Planet-Friendlier Automatic Dishwashing Detergent That Actually Works!!

Finally! Success! After many trials & errors I have finally found a planet-friendlier automatic dishwashing detergent that actually works!!
I tried and liked Palmolive Eco, but since it came in a thick plastic bottle I couldn’t continue buying it in good conscience. I tried and hated Seventh Generation, Planet, Ecover. I even tried making my own from Borax and Washing Soda, but it left my dishes filmy and murky. There is no sense in using a planet friendlier detergent if it doesn’t work and I am forced to re-wash the dishes by hand using more hot water.

Why do I like the Trader Joe’s brand?

*It is phosphate free. What are phosphates? They increase a detergent’s cleaning capabilities. However, while phosphates are naturally occurring in fresh water sources such as lakes, rivers and streams, excessive phosphate levels encourage abnormal growth of algae, turning clear waters green and cloudy. This extra algal growth is not only unappealing to look at, but can also hurt wildlife, make the water smell bad and make it unsuitable for swimming. The government is starting to take notice of this disturbing truth: beginning this year, for example, Washington State will enact a phosphate ban for dishwashing detergents in an effort to protect the Spokane River.

*It is chlorine free. What’s the deal with chlorine? It is a powerful disinfectant and bleach, which makes it an appealing addition to cleaning products. However, chlorine has been proven to harden arteries, destroy proteins in the body, irritate the skin and sinuses, and aggravate asthma, allergies, and respiratory problems. The EPA has raised skin absorption of chlorine to its top 10 carcinogen Watch List. Think about it: When steam exits your dishwasher, chlorine diffuses into the air and YOU BREATHE IT IN.

*No Dyes or Fragrance. So what? Well, fragrances and dyes are unnecessary and scary. They don’t make the dishes cleaner and I don’t want my dinner plate smelling like “Lemon Rainshower”. Not to mention the fact that companies are not required to list out what goes into a fragrance, so let’s just assume there are plenty of harmful chemicals. Just keep things simple and opt for fragrance free!

*It comes in a recyclable box. Don’t forget to consider packaging when purchasing household goods!!

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