A Little Gratitude

This afternoon while Mack snoozed Evelyn worked on her first thank you notes. My parents recently treated her to a new winter coat and my husband’s parents bought her some new outfits. So, this was the perfect opportunity to teach her about gratitude and how to show it. Although I had to write the actual message, she was responsible for decorating the letters with her chosen crayons. As she colored I explained to her what we were doing and why it was so important.

I just don’t think an email or text or phone call properly convey my gratitude when someone does something extra nice for me or my family. The time and consideration that go in to a handwritten note might pale in comparison to the act or gift that is being acknowledged, but its a small way to really show gratitude.

When was the last time you put pen to paper to craft a thoughtful and sincere thank you note? Such a gesture needn’t just be reserved for times when someone gives you something. Perhaps more important is acknowledging when someone gives you her time, her ear, her shoulder to lean on.

Plus, who doesn’t love receiving a real letter in the mail?!

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