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Evie and Mack spent a week at sleepaway camp this summer. The YMCA camp they attended oozed classic Americana: archery, canoeing, camp fires with silly songs, mosquitos, s’mores. It is the same camp I went to as a kid, so it was a nostalgic trip to bring my kids back!

When I went to camp my mom wrapped a small gift for me to open every day. It was her way of saying “good morning!” from afar, but for me it was a good way to fight off homesickness. I was a sentimental kid, so being away from home turned my stomach in knots. Her daily gift was a reminder of her love, and it also served as motivation for me to get to the next day.

Now that my own kids are old enough for camp, of course I carry on her tradition!

For Evie, I packed up the following goodies for her to open on the designated days:

The book “Blended” by Sharon Draper. BTW Evie loves this book and couldn’t put it down.

Gel pens and note cards with addressed and stamped envelopes. I *hope* she wrote and sent letters!

A few decks of card games.

Candy to share with her cabinmates.

Nailpolish and a make-up bag.

For Mack, I wrapped:

The book “Diary of an Awesome Friendly Kid” by by Jeff Kinney. Pretty sure all kids love the Diary Of book series!

Gel pens and note cards with addressed and stamped envelopes. I *hope* he wrote and sent letters!

Decks of card games.

Candy to share.

A Lego set

Sleepaway camp is a good opportunity for kids to get a small taste of independence. But I still want them to know mama misses them! Thanks, mom, for all you did to make me feel loved when I was away from home!

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