Camp Favors

Evie and Mack spent a week at sleepaway camp this summer. The YMCA camp they attended oozed classic Americana: archery, canoeing, camp fires with silly songs, mosquitos, s’mores. It is the same camp I went to as a kid, so it was a nostalgic trip to bring my kids back!

When I went to camp my mom wrapped a small gift for me to open every day. It was her way of saying “good morning!” from afar, but for me it was a good way to fight off homesickness. I was a sentimental kid, so being away from home turned my stomach in knots. Her daily gift was a reminder of her love, and it also served as motivation for me to get to the next day.

Now that my own kids are old enough for camp, of course I carry on her tradition!

For Evie, I packed up the following goodies for her to open on the designated days:

  1. The book
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