Summer Herb Dip

Even though we live in the middle of a big city, I still like to daydream about gardening. I grew up on a small farm in the country (complete with horses, sheep, geese, dogs and too many cats), and I fondly remember my dad’s large vegetable garden. I learned as a young girl that vegetables just taste different when they come straight from the dirt. Grocery store produce can never compare!

Here in the city, I can’t replicate my childhood spent on the farm, but I do tend a modest terra cotta pot garden on our balcony overlooking the courtyard. The kids are pretty helpful with it, but inevitably curious fingers find their way into my pots:

My humble little city garden brings me such joy. So who do you think picked this baby pepper and left the scene of the crime empty handed? I’ll give you six guesses…

Anytime I complete a recipe with produce I’ve grown myself I can’t help but smile. I love stepping onto the balcony to clip a few leaves off an herb plant. It is a nice feeling of accomplishment! Chris and I have been enjoying this quick dip with summer veggies like cucumber and radish. It comes together so easily and is a perfect pre-dinner snack with one of Chis’s cocktails!

Summer Herb Dip

1 cup sour cream

1 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon garlic powder

1/4 cup fresh herbs, roughly chopped (I use basil, thyme, oregano and mint)

a quick squeeze of fresh lemon juice

Mix all ingredients together and serve with veggies.

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  1. Stephanie says:

    I mixed this up last night to go with some garden cucumbers and my kids gobbled it up! Very ranch like, but fresh and clean. Plus it used some of my garden herbs, which I have an abundance of right now! I will for sure be making more of this. I love how simple and easy the ingredient list is. Thanks for the recipe!

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