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It has been exactly 18 days since I broke my ankle. With life still happening around me, I am doing everything I can to maximize my chances for a speedy recovery. I am basically just waiting to heal.

When I met with my orthopedic doctor for the first time, I made it very clear to him that with six kids, a four-story townhouse, and an upcoming summer vacation in August, I SIMPLY DON’T HAVE TIME TO HAVE A BROKEN ANKLE. Staying off my feet is torture and nearly impossible, but if laying on the sofa for four weeks will speed my healing, I’m willing to do it. I also asked him about nutrition: what foods speed healing? what nutrients does my body need right now? what should I eat to give my body the best chance at a good recovery?

He looked at me with a blank stare.

“Nothing,” he said. “Nothing you eat will make a difference.”

I looked back at him with a blank stare. Wrong, I thought. You are so wrong, buddy.

I could write a post (or two, or three…) on how modern American healthcare completely misses the target on how food impacts overall wellness. My logic is this: subsisting on Doritos and Diet Coke won’t help my body – which means that eating good, healthy foods will help my body. My body is actively creating new bone, which takes an incredible amount of energy and proper blood flow. I need to support this process with enough calories coming from the right foods.

I did some research to create a meal plan that gives my body the best chance at a smooth recovery. Lots of protein, leafy green vegetables and high-vitamin fruits and vegetables. Chris found a high-quality collagen (click here to order it) that supports bones and joints (and makes my nails grow like crazy – bonus!). I’m focusing many of my meals around the following nutrients:

Vitamin C: helps collagen formation

Protein: protein makes up half of bone structure

Calcium/Zinc/Magnesium: we all know these helps with bone growth, but I don’t drink milk so I’m sticking to yogurt, cheese, and green veggies like spinach and avocados

Chris has been making me the following smoothie almost every day. It tastes delicious and fills me up with bone-building nutrients. And he looks so handsome delivering it to me. Sigh. I’m so in love.

Bone Building Smoothie

1 cup orange juice (vitamin C)

1 cup frozen mango (vitamin C)

1 giant handful baby spinach (calcium)

1/2 cup whole milk vanilla yogurt (calcium, protein)

2 scoops collagen (protein)

a small piece of peeled fresh turmeric or ginger (helps with inflammation)

a few fresh mint leaves (because they are delicious!)

Toss everything into a blender and whir until smooth.

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  1. Morgan Luka says:

    Is it freshly squeezed oj or store bought? No judgement, just want to make it correctly.

  2. Jessie Jay says:

    Hope your ankle heals soon! I am surprised the doctor didn’t at least suggest calcium supplements. Women need so much calcium for bone density.

  3. Lizzie says:

    Just watched the documentary “What the health” & reading the book / its better than the documentary….As you know, the right food absolutely heals the body & it’s frightening what doctors don’t know/learn in medical school about it! Great read/watch if you haven’t already done so! Wishing you a speedy recovery!

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