A Dream Green Clean!

We are leaving tomorrow for a much needed – and, might I say, much deserved! – vacation.  Ever since my husband quit his corporate job 2 1/2 years ago to build his own businesses we’ve been working non-stop.  We’re lucky if we have one day a week to spend as a family.

Whenever we leave town – be it for a weekend or a week – I like to make sure the house is clean so we can come home to a relaxing environment.  In the days leading up to our departure, I normally stress myself out trying to tidy up. The to-do list never ends, especially with kids in tow.  Inevitably, while I’m cleaning one room they’re destroying another room.  Sigh.

So, this time around I was so delighted to have a professional house cleaner from Kelly Green Healthy Clean stop by to take care of the housework.  The kids and I left for three hours, and when we returned home the place was fresh and spotless.  I can’t express how much of a luxury this was for me.  I feel so much more relaxed about leaving tomorrow than I would had I done all the work myself.

The Kelly Green housekeeper showed up on time with all the supplies.  She used all-natural cleaners (like vinegar, castile soap and lemon juice) to get the job done.  My home was cleaned exactly how I do it – no harsh chemicals with icky artificial fragrances.  And, because she used a check-list I know the work was done just as promised.  Every little corner was tidied – even the top of the refrigerator was wiped (and, I am embarrassed to imagine how much dust was probably pulled up – yikes!).  Instead of a chocolate on the pillow, Kelly Green leaves behind a fresh lemon – how cute is that?!

But, the coolest part about Kelly Green Healthy Clean is that the business is run by an eco-minded woman just like me.  She quit life in the corporate world to start a company centered around her values.  I love supporting motivated female entrepreneurs because I believe that supporting each other is a great way to support ourselves.

If you live in the Chicago area and want to treat yourself to a clean home I’d encourage you to consider Kelly Green Healthy Clean. Support a fellow Homemade Mother and give her a call at 800-867-1243 or email kelly@kellygreenhealthyclean.com. Tell her Homemade Mother says hi 🙂

If you don’t live in Chicago, but currently have a cleaning service, why not ask them to switch to all-natural cleaning products?  Better for the environment, better for your family’s health and better for your wallet!

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  1. Kathleen says:

    Thanks for the recommendation, Maureen! I had them come and clean our house after the holidays so it would be ready for the market once again. I agree, as someone who has never had a cleaning lady this was such a gift. We were leaving on a trip the next day and I was so grateful that my house was show ready without any harmful chemicals. Kelly was lovely to work with!

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