The Best $1 I Spent All Week

Evelyn hasn’t taken a nap in nearly two years.  When she fist gave up this most important of rituals, I was devastated.  I treasured those couple hours to myself every afternoon.  But, my mom made me feel better when she gently reminded me that everyone needs a little quiet time every day.  I shouldn’t personally entertain Evie all afternoon while her brother naps; she sits quietly by herself with a book or plays with her toys for at least an hour.  After that, she starts looking for some companionship and I am so grateful to be here with her.

We always have a fun morning, but once Evie gave up her naps I had to come up with quiet afternoon activities that would keep her busy while allowing me to get some work done.  She is a HUGE fan of the inexpensive Melissa & Doug craft projects – they are delightful and perfect for her.  She also enjoys simple pre-school workbooks and coloring.  Lately, she has been very happy to practice writing letters…so it seemed like the perfect time for her to write actual letters to friends and family.  As a kid I loved getting mail, and my mom always told me that I had to send mail if I wanted to receive it!

While at Target the other day I breezed through the dollar spot.  Its usually filled with C-R-A-P, but I found some cute packages of note cards for a buck.  I bought a few for Evie and she is THRILLED.  We spent most of yesterday afternoon writing notes. I really enjoyed that time spent together.  She is growing up to be such a lovely little lady.

Hopefully Evie will get a few notes in return soon!

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