Until Next Year

Winter is coming.

For the past week, the weathermen have been warning us of frigid temperatures headed our way. It is hard to believe, though, as today’s high reached a sunny 65 degrees. After school, the kids and I visited a new park along the lake shore. It felt like spring!

Oh, how I want to remember today! When January’s grey skies cast a gloom on my spirits. When I am old and grey and my babies are all grown. It was just a perfect moment in our time together as a young family.

Ben, squealing and squiggling in the baby swing. How he loves the baby swing! He is such a happy and smiley and joyful baby.

Vivian, wearing a Hello Kitty gown, Hello Kitty shoes and Hello Kitty underwear. She is such a girly girl, with her squeaky voice and love of make-up. She always gently but desperately reminds me: “I’m not a big girl. I’m a little girl!” She’ll always be my little girl.

Evie, all grown up now! She insisted on bringing her chapter book to the park, but as soon as we arrived she left it on a bench so she could swing high and play “tickle monster” with me and her siblings.¬†Will she still love the park this much next summer when she is 7?

Mack. My Mack! He can’t self-propel on the swings yet, but I am certain he’ll have the strength and coordination to do it next summer. He never runs out of energy.

While we were at the park, the winds picked up and shifted direction. The leaves tumbled and the girls’ and my hair whipped around, but the changing atmosphere didn’t slow us down. Watching my kids run free through the grass with no coats or cares brought a smile to my face. I made a point to wish that the moment would last forever.

Sadly, the afternoon wound down and we had to pile in the car to head a bit further north to pick up our order from our co-op. As we walked to the car, Evie gathered the last of summer’s blooms into a bouquet for me.

Until next year, summer!

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