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At least four mornings a week, I wake up early and head to the gym for a one hour semi-personal training session at a boutique gym in my neighborhood.  The high-intensity class involves 30 minutes of treadmill work and 30 minutes of strength-training on the floor.  I’ve done this for the past year and a half, and I saw no reason to quit just because I am pregnant.  Although most people seem a bit surprised when they find out I have kept up with my fitness routine all these months, I feel confident that it has been the right choice for me (and my baby).

As the months have progressed and my belly has grown, I have naturally adjusted my level of intensity.  The change in pace has been hard for me, as I really enjoy pushing my body to the limit and working up a good sweat.  While I used to jog at a 6.5, run at an 8.0 and sprint at an 11.0, I now trod along at a sensible 5.5 with an occasional sprint at 7.0.  Any faster and I have to pee!  When I move off the treadmill and onto the floor, most of my trainers are quick to suggest alternate exercises for me to do while the rest of the class does ab work – my ab muscles are stretched too thin to do much of anything these days!

I’m not looking to win any awards or set any records.  I just want to keep healthy and fit during this exciting and exhausting time of my life.  For me, pregnancy is no excuse to slack on physical activity or indulge in calorie overload.  In my experience, I feel better when I make healthy choices, and I have to believe that translates to a happier and healthier baby!

Three weeks to go…!!!

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  1. Sarah says:

    Love this post! During my first pregnancy I barely worked out (and regretted it!) because of that I gained soooo much extra weight. This pregnancy I am sticking to my regular workout routine and yoga practice, I am def noticing a difference and have barely gained any extra weight, have more energy and feel great 🙂 Good luck!!!

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