Wonderland, Alice’s Rock & Roll Adventure

Whoa, that was a busy weekend! Chris’s birthday, Mack’s baseball, Evie’s Father-Daugther Dance, Mack’s birthday party. And on top of it all I have been so congested and sick that all I’ve wanted to do it relax in bed (but that definitely did not happen).  I seriously need a weekend from the weekend.

On Saturday night Chris took Evie to the dance, so I had to find something fun and memorable to do with the three younger ones. Good thing we have the Chicago Children’s Theatre here in town. The new show Wonderland: Alice’s Rock & Roll Adventure just opened, and it was just what my and my littles needed. High energy, live music, friendly actors. The kids were thrilled!

Because Chris was with Evie, I had to bring wee Ben to the 75 minute show. I was cautiously optimistic about his tolerance for sitting still for that long. But, as soon as the show started he was ENTHRALLED and AMAZED and not once did he protest. The little guy was smiling and clapping. Every now and then he’d look back at me, his toothy grin glowing in the darkness.

And Vivian! She loved when the actors came off the stage and danced through the audience. She commented throughout the show, but her chatter didn’t bother anyone in attendance because shows at the Chicago Children’s Theatre are “shush-free”.

After the show the actors met the audience in the lobby. It was such a fun way to wrap up the evening. Mack loved meeting the rock & rollers, who gave so much new life to a story we all thought we knew:

And Viv shyly and joyfully approached Alice, an impressive young actor who gracefully carried the show:

The show gave the four of us an excuse to have a fun night out despite a day of rain and running around. I’m so glad we had this time together!

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