My Week in a Chevy Cruze Eco

Living in such a large city affords us the opportunity to walk just about everywhere, so we don’t drive many miles.  But when General Motors recently recognized me and this site as a “local influencer”, I was very honored.   GMC offered me a week in any vehicle – how could I turn that down?!

I was under no obligation to write about my week in a GMC vehicle, but I was delighted with the experience so I thought I’d share it in case any Homemade Mothering readers are shopping for a new car.

GMC offered me a choice of several vehicles, but I really wanted to try one that had an eco story attached to it. Unfortunately, the Chevy Volt, GMC’s electric car, doesn’t have room for three kiddie seats in back.  But, I was just as happy to try the Chevy Cruze Eco.  With 42 miles to the gallon it is the most fuel efficient gasoline powered car in America – a good fit for my eco-conscious family!  We started the week with a full tank of gas…

And more than 120 miles later (of primarily city driving) we still had more than half a tank left:

I should also mention that we started the week with a clean car…

and returned it with plenty of crumbs and finger prints courtesy of my three babes:

Evie and Mack LOVED the little Cruze.  On several occasions they referred to it as the “race car”, and I have to agree that it is a zippy little roadster.  We had fun driving around the city!  The touch-screen control panel added a bit of luxury to this simple car, too.

I never thought we’d all fit into a compact car, but the kids were snug in their car seats and I still had room up front.  My husband is a big guy (think rugby player/former Army captain/Cross-Fit enthusiast), so the Cruze wasn’t exactly for him.  But, it was a fun little car for the kids and I to drive around town.  I loved having them close enough for me to tickle while we stopped at red lights.  And Vivian loved playing I-Spy.

When our week with the Chevy Cruze Eco came to an end, the kids and I were sad to see it go.  Vivian and Mack peeked from the windows and waved good-bye to their little race car.

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  1. Mana says:

    When you came to visit us, I was delighted to meet your Cruz. It moved around the crazy bends in our “high-rise” parking garage with ease. In addition it looked comfy and completely at home in our ridiculously small parking space, while our poor Audi A 7 looks more like a size 16 dress trying to fit into a size 2. This 75 yr. old Great Grandma totally loves the Cruz— but what do you think my chances are to talk your Grandfather into a swap Maureen ?

  2. Wes says:

    Nice writeup! Vivian’s smile makes me laugh every time.

  3. Kelia says:

    What 3 car seats do you have that fit back there?

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