Time for a Drink?

Hard to believe Thanksgiving weekend is wrapping up. It has been a long and busy few days, that’s for sure!

Thanksgiving on Thursday:

A trip with Evie to the American Girl doll store on bustling Michigan Avenue on Friday:

A cookie party at my Aunt Sheila’s house on Saturday:

Christmas brunch with Santa and gingerbread house decorating (followed by the circus!) on Sunday:

And all this is just the start of a jam-packed holiday season for us.  The kids (and I!) are already exhausted, so I have to remember that quiet days are ok, too.  All this go-go-go makes me miss the celebratory Cocktail Hour Chris and I used to indulge in on a regular basis…

On Thanksgiving I told my Dad about the Maker’s Mark #RedFriday event I used as an excuse to bake a batch of Bourbon Bacon Chocolate Cookies, and he mentioned that bourbon is used in one of his specialty cocktails, a Manhattan.  As soon as Chris stepped into this conversation, his ears perked up.  Why, yes, he would love a Manhattan!  Just 3 1/2 more months until I can have one, too!

Dad’s Manhattan

2 parts bourbon (Dad likes Maker’s Mark or Knob Creek)

1 part red vermouth (Dad likes Noily Pratt Rouge)

1 dash bitters per ounce of bourbon (Dad likes Angostura bitters)

Shake all ingredients with ice for 30 seconds. Strain into a cocktail glass. Garnish with a cherry. Add some cherry juice if you want it sweeter.

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