The Blissard of 2011

For the past 48 hours, the entire city of Chicago has laughed together on one big inside joke.  In anticipation of the biggest winter storm to hit our area in more than 40 years, everyone was coming up with pun-intended nicknames for the blizzard that just blew through town.  Foreboding monikers like Snowmageddon, Snowverload, Snowtorious, Snowprah and Snowpocalypse filled the airwaves and Facebook statuses.  And the storm certainly lived up to the hype.

But, for me, the roof-ripping 70 mph winds, zero visibility, thunder, lightening and nearly two feet of snow was anything but a doomsday. My little family used the inclement weather as an excuse to tuck in extra tight and stay snug.  If I had to give this storm as silly name, I’d call it the Blissard of 2011.  The whole day was just…bliss.

I don’t want to belittle the challenges many Chicagoans faced during the storm – some folks were stuck in cars overnight, while others had to rise all too early to get to work keeping the streets clear and safe.  But, it sure was nice for us to have a day to do absolutely nothing on a “to-do” list.  When was the last time an entire city shut down and stayed in?  No cars on the road. No stores open.  Everyone kept close to home and close to family.  I imagine this is what Sundays were like back before computers and cars and corporations.

So, today while Mack napped and Evie watched a movie and the snow fell, I found some time for myself.  Last year we bought a nice camera, and taking pictures has been a sometimes hobby for me ever since.  I went for a long walk through the city with nothing more than my winter jacket and Nikon D90. It was nice to indulge a new passion of mine for a couple hours on this snowy morning.

What an adventure I had on the quiet streets of my big city!

I walked on Lake Shore Drive for the first (and probably only!) time.
I checked out a desolate beach now covered in snow and ice.
I walked up a deserted Michigan Avenue.

I even met a new friend who is also a fellow amateur photographer.  She lives in my neighborhood and we agreed to meet up for a photography expedition soon.  Its amazing how a big, cold city can suddenly feel so small and quaint.  I’m secretly hoping for a Blissard of 2012…

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  1. Sarah Martin Trulley says:

    You have found our snowy secret! Every year Aaron and I pick the snowiest night (at least a foot required for no cars to disturb us) when everyone else is tucked in to take a quiet walk to the lake. It feels like we're the only two people in this big city-pretty amazing, even if for only one night.

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