Teryaki Oxtail for the Kids

I am on the neverending search for easy weeknight dinners that the kids will eat and are quick to clean up. Last fall the butchers at our neighborhood Whole Foods were cookin’ up some oxtail to entice shopped over to their section, and as we passed by Mack demanded that I stop so he could take a better sniff. He asked the guys for a piece, and then he asked them for another piece. And then a third. Clearly, this was a dish perfect for my kids.

I don’t eat beef and we rarely serve it to our kids. But, Mack was so delighted to eat the oxtail that I had to ask the guys how they prepared it. They slice it to 1/4″ thickness, marinate it in teryaki, and cook it in a super hot cast iron skillet. It might not be fancy or pretty to look at, but it’s easy and healthy..

When I make this for dinner Mack eats three pieces, Vivian has two, and Ben eats one. Evie isn’t a big fan of the oxtail – she said she wants to eat some meat, but not all meat. I can’t argue with that as I don’t like beef, either. But, three out of four isn’t so bad…!

Served with some fruit and veggies, this is a simple dinner that gives the kids filling fats and protein. Thanks to Whole Foods for the inspiration!

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