Terra Baby in the News!

As I wrote about last month, I recently launched my own brand of cloth diapers, TerraBaby. A Chicago area newspaper picked up the story and ran an article about this new endeavor.

Its nice to see cloth diapering getting some positive attention from mainstream media.  Cloth diapering isn’t just for hippies or eco-freaks or frugalites. Real families are making the simple choice to diaper their babies in cloth for a wide variety of reasons. Quite simply, cloth diapers are better for the planet, better for babies and better for your bank account.

I launched Terra Baby hoping to normalize cloth diapering.  Terra Baby offers a simple pocket diaper design that anyone can use comfortably and confidently.  I promise that cloth diapering today is easier than it was when our grandmothers had to do it.

Check out the article here: http://barrington.suntimes.com/17135935-781/barrington-hills-environmentalism-spurs-career-in-cloth-diapers.html

If you want to get started with cloth diapers, check out my cloth diapering manifesto here: https://homemademothering.com/2009/09/the-cloth-diapering-manifesto.html

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  1. Kay says:

    Congrats on the publicity! We use cloth diapers and love them. It really is so easy and saves a ton of money…especially since they can be passed on to any future babies. Thanks for promoting something that improves our planet and health (I’m convinced they are much healthier for our babies than conventional disposable diapers).

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