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The Homemade Way to Change Crib Linens

I can’t believe my sweet little Vivian is now 6 months old.  How time flies!!  I still so clearly remember the morning of her birthday – I had no idea that she was about to be born!  And now she is grabbing everything and smiling with friends and strangers.  Her newest trick is sitting up, […]

Sweet Dreams with our ArmsReach Co-Sleeper

Four weeks ago I wrote about our search for an ideal sleeping set-up for our then un-born baby.  Flash forward 29 days and here I am writing an update to that post.  Much to my delight, the ArmsReach Co-Sleeper Bassinet we settled on has been a wonderful addition to our room. As my husband says, […]

The Co-Sleeping Conundrum

With less than two weeks to go before Baby #3 is due to arrive, we are busy getting everything ready.  I can’t believe a little baby will be sleeping in our home so soon!  When we brought Evie and Mack home from the hospital, they both slept next to me in the bassinet attachment of […]