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Chicago can’t seem to make up its mind.  Earlier this week it was sunny and in the 90s, but this weekend its cloudy and high 60s. Weather changes like this make it hard to know how to dress the kids in the morning!!

Fortunately, I’ve got our stroller packed for summer just in case the high temperatures make a fast return.  Living in the city means that we rarely get in our car.  My husband’s parents bought us the Phil & Ted’s Sport double stroller shortly after Mack was born.  It is fabulous!  It is narrow like a single stroller, but both kids fit comfortably and it maneuvers around the big city with no trouble. It isn’t uncommon for me to log 3-5 miles a day picking up groceries, meeting friends at the park and dropping meals off for my husband.  As a result, our stroller basically serves as our car so I have to make sure everything that can keep the kids comfortable is strolling with us.

What I pack in the stroller varies depending on the season.  For winter, I’m always sure to bring along two blankets and extra hats and mittens.  For summer, I pack along:

*A big blanket that neatly folds – perfect for picnic lunches

*Sunscreen – I really like Badger unscented SPF30

*A Klean Kanteen water bottle

*Hats for Evie and Mack

*Sunglasses for me

*Some beach toys

*Crocs for the kids – both kids can put them on by themselves

What do you always have packed for the summer months??

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  1. Cami Barber says:

    I pack much the same, but here we’ve been having the rainiest season in years. So besides water for each of us, sunscreen (we like the California Baby stick) and hats, we have sandals AND water-resistant sneakers, an umbrella, and an old towel for wiping things down. And I always carry some Happy Baby puffs and Ella’s Kitchen food packs- Sam loves that he can feed himself with those! (Oh! And books- we always have those, too!)

  2. Amber says:

    Pretty much everything you mentioned, but also a snack for my son and a ball for the park.

  3. Umeda says:

    We only take 45 minute walks around our neighborhood; so I don’t pack much, but I make sure to get snacks – just in case they start whining.

    Your stroller looks nice and convenient.

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