Summer Service Project

Summer is racing by, and we are slowly ticking off all the things on our Summer Bucket List. We have yet to hold a lemonade stand, but we have been to several city beaches and water parks. Last week, we completed perhaps our most impactful task: a summer service project.

The kids are still a little young to bring to a “real” service project. They require adult supervision and guidance, and their presence might require more work for an organization. But, that doesn’t mean we can’t make an effort from home.

Living in the middle of a big city, we encounter all walks of life on a daily basis.┬áMack is always very moved by homeless people on the streets. Lately, he fishes pennies out of his Ninja Turtle wallet to drop into their tattered cups. His compassion surprises me – and fills me with pride.

The other day while Ben napped, I asked Evie and Mack to help me assemble humble care packages for homeless people we meet. I got the idea from a friend on Facebook, and I knew it would be an easy project for the kids and me. The kids wrote messages on construction paper, and then we wrapped it with a pair of new socks around a bottle of water. We then tied a granola bar to the top.

We assembled 10 packages. Some are in the car, some are in the stroller, and all of them are ready for the kids to hand over when we meet a person in need.

The gesture is small, but the lesson is large: everyone can make a difference.

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  1. what about asking at church if anyone is a frequent traveler if they would save then give you any little soaps ,lotions,shampoo,etc they get from their motel rooms i bet some little bottles of hand cleaner ,a little pocket comb if anyone else can give you items like this you dont have to buy i bet some of those people would feel so much better to have their hands clean,and they could take the soaps etc to some rest room and clean up a little or wash and comb their hair , but you already are making a big difference love to you all, I love it that you little girls Evie ,I had a wonderful aunt named Evelyn and all we ever called her was Evie and every time i see evies name I think of my aunt

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