Here Comes the Son

I know Baby #4 is coming.  Soon. I can’t stop cleaning and tidying and organizing the house.  The other day I wiped down the blades on all our ceiling fans – something I’ve never done before!  My nesting instinct is in overdrive.

Today I tackled the kitchen, but since it is a weekend all three kids were at my feet.  Rather than shoo them upstairs to the toy room or direct them to a cartoon (or ask Chris to watch them while he was doing work), I decided to include them in the big task, telling them that we were preparing the house for their new brother.  Much to my delight, they were all quite enthusiastic.  While I wiped down the cabinets, Evie and Mack were charged with emptying the fridge so I could clean it.  Their help really did streamline the job for me!

I asked little Vivian to pick up Legos, a simple task easy for her to accomplish with her tiny fingers and short attention span.

After the fridge was emptied, Mack lost interest in doing chores, which is probably typical for a 3 year old.  Evie hung with me, though, and she emptied the dishwasher and helped me wipe out the utensil drawers.  We chatted about what’s been on her mind lately, and it turned out to be time well spent with my oldest daughter.

As we worked, the sun shone through the big windows in our kitchen.  It was cold outside, but thanks to the sunlight we were all quite warm.  Evie thought it would be a nice idea to lay out a beach towel and pretend it is summer.

And at that exact moment, “Here Comes the Sun” by the Beatles came on over Pandora.  I almost burst into tears.  Here we all were, enjoying the sun while we prepared our home for my son.  I love when the universe winks at me.

Should the baby arrive tomorrow, I feel good knowing we’ll bring him to a home with a tidy kitchen – not that he’ll notice!

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  1. Great Grandma Smithe says:

    As I began reading this post I felt bad that I hadn’t asked to take the kids to the zoo today while you tackled this big project— or maybe even took a rest ! But then I soon realized that they were exactly where the UNIVERSE intended them to be –with you , preparing for the arrival of thier baby brother. Thank you for sharing this precious moment. I love you Maureen !

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