Simple Paper Crafts for Valentine’s Day

I never pass up an opportunity to keep my kids busy with something creative while I tend to other things around the house. If dinner needs to be prepped, it is easy to plunk them on the sofa with a mindless cartoon buzzing in the background. But, life is already too short, and wasting their precious time in front of a screen is just not my idea of a childhood. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I had a perfect chance to keep them occupied with something lovely and productive.

Enter: homemade Valentine’s cards.

For a little more money than the price of Disney or Marvel themed cards from the store, I replenished our markers and construction paper supply.  I helped the kids cut out some hearts and little shapes so they could easily glue on decorations without direct help from me.

The kids were tasked with designing one-of-a-kind cards for every kid in their classes. Evie carefully crafted 20 custom cards, giving serious thought to each one.

While Mack was just happy to draw 20 Star Wars characters on 20 pieces of paper.

But, their creativity and occupation didn’t end with the simple cards. When I came home the other afternoon, our wonderful babysitter Nataliya put some of the paper to work as delightful little paper hearts. Two strips stapled twice turned flat paper into 3D art!  The kids were THRILLED with Nataliya’s ingenuity!

Evie was so inspired that she designed a mailbox to bring to school for the Valentine’s party at school tomorrow.

But, then Mack was bummed to see all the pretty hearts used up, so today he and Nataliya constructed a cheerful Valentine’s Day garland to hang in our dining room. Pretty!

We all love Nataliya, so when the kids snuck downstairs last night we worked on a simple Valentine’s Day card for her.

I know these simple paper crafts are the opposite of fancy. They wouldn’t make the cut on Pinterest, that’s for sure. But, they kept my kids busy and encouraged thoughts of love and sweetness. And, I gotta love that!

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