Simple Date Night Hairdo

I’m really having fun with Pinterest.  I check it once a day (usually on my phone while I’m nursing Vivian), and its always a fun pick-me-up.  Like most people, I’ve pinned far more than I can possibly accomplish, so when I actually attempt a pin I’m particularly proud of myself.

Chris and I took a long-overdue date night last weekend. Like most moms, by the time I got the kids fed and into bed I only had a few minutes to get myself ready.  As I looked at my ho-hum hair, I remembered a trick I had recently pinned: using a flat iron to curl hair.

I twisted my hair into sections and used the heat from the iron to “set” the waves.  I used small twists that lead to a crimped look, but bigger twists would likely yield some pretty beachy waves.  I didn’t use any hair spray, and the next morning the wave was still there.  The process took about 12 minutes – not bad for a busy mama.

Thanks to my Homemade Brother who offered to babysit, we had a totally wonderful date night.  We were only gone for two hours, but I felt like we really reconnected.  I love my husband!!

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