Screen Free Week

Evie and Mack’s school declared last week “Screen Free Week”.  While it would be easy to roll my eyes at this suggestion and continue as usual in our house (1-2 cartoons a day), I decided to embrace the plan.

Ever since baby Ben was born 9 weeks ago I’ve gotten a little lazy about limiting screen time in our house.  Sometimes when I’m nursing a newborn, it is just easier to give 2 year old Vivian an episode of “Peter Rabbit” to keep her contained and content.  I’ve even passed Mack the dreaded iPad on more than a few occasions just to give myself some extra quiet time.

With the occasion of “Screen Free Week”, it was easy for me to get back to life as we knew it before baby #4.  Much to my surprise, the kids didn’t argue – sometimes when instructions come from someone other than Mom they are more agreeable to the plan!

So, instead of staying in, we got out.  A lot. And, we had a great week…

…climbing trees at the forest preserve’s spring festival.

…taking Baby Ben for his first swim!

…riding scooters and hunting for bugs at my parents’ house in the country.

…playing in the courtyard with each other and all our neighbors.

…going to see a musical performed by the “big” kids at school. Evie and Mack sat still for the entire show, and they loved it!

At the start of the week, Evie filled out a little form to outline all she hoped to accomplish during the week:

Cadee lad (Candyland)

owt siyd playing (outside playing)

go to the prc (go to the park)

I’m happy to say we did it all! Maybe I’ll extend Screen Free Week through the month?

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