When baby Ben was born, my mom took the three big kids for a few days.  Her generosity of time and energy afforded me a chance to recover from the delivery and bond with my new sweet baby.  The first few days home with a new baby are overwhelming and exhausting, so a bit of peace and quiet is the best gift of all.

My mom brought the three big kids to the hospital 12 hours after Benjamin was born.  To say their visit was a whirlwind might be an understatement. Vivian wanted to eat all the food in sight, Evie wanted to tell me all about the adventures they had planned with Granmary, and Mack alternated between infatuation with his brother and infatuation with all the buttons and gadgets in the hospital room. Oh, and they were all so noisy!

But, I am so grateful my mom trekked all the way to the hospital so Ben could finally meet the crew that had poked and prodded him for the past 38 weeks.

My mom kept the kids for a few days after Chris, Ben and I returned home.  When it was time for the big kids to return home, my mom asked me if I was ready.  I don’t think any mother of a newborn is ever really ready to welcome three big and boisterous kids home, but I really did miss them and I knew we had to take the plunge sooner or later!

We settled on a time – Saturday night – and my parents mercifully returned them fed and dressed for bed.  To let the three of them know how happy Chris and I were to have the family together again, I prepared a simple dessert tea party.  It was a small way for me to easily remind them just how special and important they each are to Chris and me.

Organic berries, special cookies, delicate tea cups and stickers sat at each place setting, and I prepared a picture collage from when each was a new baby.  They loved looking at how cute they all were!

The few quiet days I had at home with my sweet little #4 were restful and restorative.  I needed that time to get a handle on life with a newborn.  But, now that we are all together again, everything just feels right.  Sure, the days are hectic – and loud! – and the nights are anything but silent, but our family of six seems like it was just meant to be.

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