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A fellow Homemade Mother recently asked me how I keep my recipes organized.  Aside from this blog – where I post mostly original recipes – I’ve found a few other ways to maintain records of my family’s favorite dishes.

1.Recipes I clip out of magazines or print off the internet are placed in one in four simple folders titled “Breakfast/Brunch,” “Entrees,” “Appetizers/Sides” or “Desserts.”  My mom did this when I was growing up, and although it is a humble method it serves me well.  They’ve grown tattered and splattered through years of good use, but I can’t think of another system that matches this in terms of space needed and ease of use.

2. Recipes from my mom are stored in a little cookbook she gave me when I left home for college 13 years ago.  Before she gave it to me, she wrote in several of our family’s favorites, including her poppy seed bread, pot roast and french toast. If my house ever starts burning down, this is one of the first things I’d grab on my way out.

Through the years, whenever I’ve called her for another recipe, I always write it down in the little pink cookbook.  I hope to fill it up with all her wonderful ideas and someday pass it on to my Evie.

3. The ladies of my family and I post tried-&-true favorites on our recipe blog, Sister Kitch’n.  The recipes we share aren’t necessarily original or traditional family meals – they just taste good.  I find it especially easy to save recipes I find on-line on the site because its just a matter of copying & pasting.

4. And, of course I have to keep my ever-growing stash of cookbooks somewhat organized.  These are all stored in a kitchen cabinet – right next to a recent batch of organic heirloom tomatoes I preserved for the winter.  Reading cookbooks is one of my favorite things to do when I find a (rare) quiet moment to myself, and my husband always finds a good one to give me every Christmas.

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  1. I’ve started using Evernote to organize my recipes. It’s easy to use and I can access the recipes on my phone when I go shopping.

  2. Donna Rosenbery says:

    This is such a special way to keep your family traditions alive….you are a lucky girl.

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