REAL Frozen Yogurt!

I am a big fan of the new wave of frozen yogurts. Pinkberry, Red Mango and BerryChill are just a few of the brand names associated with real frozen yogurt. The tart and tangy flavor isn’t overly sweet or saccharine. It tastes like real yogurt…just frozen!

The part I don’t like about the yogurt at these new places? The prices! My husband and I spend $10 for two medium servings with toppings. While I don’t mind spending that much for a nice dessert, I think “ice cream” should be a little friendlier to our budget.

So, I combined two of my newest tricks: homemade ice cream and homemade yogurt, and the result was EXACTLY the same as what we find at the fancy neighborhood yogurt stand. To make this, all I did was add two 6 oz jars of homemade yogurt to the ice cream maker, pressed the “ON” button, and waited 15 minutes. I topped tonight’s treat with strawberries, but your choices are limitless. The place in our neighborhood offers a big selection of add-ins: rice krispy treats, sprinkles, chocolate chips, granola, fruits, candy…

If you like sweetness, add a little sugar or honey before turning the machine on. But, the chopped strawberries were all the additional flavor I needed. A perfect treat to end another busy day!

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  1. Andrew S Wienick says:

    Have you tried it with applesauce?

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